FAQ & Ordering information

When Will My Order Be Ready?

Currently, we operate on a weekly basis with Friday at midnight (EST) each week being the order cutoff time. Order online before Friday at midnight and your order is ready for pickup or delivery on Monday.

🚨 If you miss the ordering deadline, your order will NOT be processed until the following Monday.

Or, you can ALWAYS stop by our storefront to shop our grab-n-go meals without preordering!

How Do I Get My Meals?

You can get your meals a couple of ways. At checkout, choose from one of our pickup locations to have your meals ready to be picked up on Monday. Or, choose to have your meals delivered right to your home in an insulated bag!

Can I Order Custom Meals?

Absolutely! We have our "build-a-meal" collection. You start by choosing your protein (and portion), add in a veggie, optional carb, and optional sauce. Each meal comes with it's own nutrition label. Find those custom meals here!

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